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4th Quarter Play-by-Play
It 2-11on Tcsf14Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.
It 2-11on Tcsf14Zach Hessbrook rush over right end for loss of 1 yard to the TCSF15 (Artie Dutmers).
It 3-12on Tcsf15Brayden Shaw rush over left end for 2 yards to the TCSF13 (Tom Hegewald).
It 4-10on Tcsf13Timeout Ithica, clock 10:32.
It 4-10on Tcsf13Adam Culp field goal attempt from 30 GOOD, clock 10:27.
Ithica 20, TCSF 0
 Drive: 4 plays, 0 yards, TOP 2:22
Adam Culp kickoff 58 yards to the TCSF2, out-of-bounds, TCSF ball on TCSF35.
Tcsf 1-10on Tcsf35TCSF drive start at 10:20.
Tcsf 1-10on Tcsf35Timeout TCSF, clock 10:20.
Tcsf 1-10on Tcsf35PENALTY TCSF false start 5 yards to the TCSF30.
Tcsf 1-15on Tcsf30Aaron Simon rush over left end for 5 yards to the TCSF35 (Seth Davis).
Tcsf 2-10on Tcsf35Danny Passinaul LF pass complete to Tom Hegewald for 32 yards to the IT33, 1ST DOWN TCSF (Zach Hessbrook).
Tcsf 1-10on It33Teddy Prichard rush over right end for 3 yards to the IT30 (Zach Hessbrook).
Tcsf 2-7on It30Joey Muzljakovi sideline pass incomplete to Danny Passinaul (Colton Campbell).
Tcsf 3-7on It30Danny Passinaul RF pass complete to Aaron Simon for 3 yards to the IT27 (Hunter Beck).
Tcsf 4-4on It27Danny Passinaul middle pass incomplete to Henry Carroll.
 Drive: 6 plays, 38 yards, TOP 2:45
It 1-10on It27ITHICA drive start at 07:35.
It 1-10on It27Joey Bentley rush over left end for 22 yards to the IT49, 1ST DOWN IT (Tom Hegewald).
It 1-10on It49Joey Bentley rush over left end for 1 yard to the 50 yardline (Henry Carroll;Mitch Westman).
It 2-9on It50Zach Hessbrook rush over right end for loss of 1 yard to the IT49 (Robert Watkoski).
It 3-10on It49Joey Bentley rush up middle for 9 yards to the TCSF42 (Mitch Westman).
It 4-1on Tcsf42Timeout Ithica, clock 04:43.
It 4-1on Tcsf42Joey Bentley rush over right guard for 42 yards to the TCSF0, 1ST DOWN IT, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:36.
Adam Culp kick attempt good.
Ithica 27, TCSF 0
 Drive: 5 plays, 73 yards, TOP 3:12
Adam Culp kickoff 49 yards to the TCSF11, Evan McGee return 5 yards to the TCSF16 (Zach Hessbrook).
Tcsf 1-10on Tcsf16TCSF drive start at 04:23.
Tcsf 1-10on Tcsf16Teddy Prichard rush over right guard for 5 yards to the TCSF21 (Zach Hessbrook).
Tcsf 2-5on Tcsf21George Mackey rush over left tackle for 11 yards to the TCSF32, 1ST DOWN TCSF (Ethan McCormick).
Tcsf 1-10on Tcsf32Dylan McCardel rush up middle for 3 yards to the TCSF35 (Ethan McCormick).
Tcsf 2-7on Tcsf35George Mackey rush over left end for 3 yards to the TCSF38 (Ethan McCormick).
Tcsf 3-4on Tcsf38Dylan McCardel RF pass incomplete to Aaron Simon.
Tcsf 4-4on Tcsf38Quinn Wuerful punt 57 yards to the IT5, downed.
 Drive: 5 plays, 22 yards, TOP 2:53
It 1-10on It05ITHICA drive start at 01:30.
It 1-10on It05Timeout Ithica, clock 01:30.
It 1-10on It05Brayden Shaw rush over right guard for 9 yards to the IT14 (Nathan Schmucka).
It 2-1on It14Brayden Shaw rush over right tackle for 20 yards to the IT34, 1ST DOWN IT (Mitch Westman).
It 1-10on It34Brady Hessbrook rush up middle for loss of 6 yards to the IT28.
It 2-16on It28End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 3 plays, 23 yards, TOP 1:30


PASSING C-A-I Yards  TD Long
Totals… -@- -@- -@- -@-
RUSHING Att Yards  TD Long Avg.
Totals… -@- -@- -@- -@- -@-
RECEPTIONS No. Yards  TD Long Avg.
Totals… -@- -@- -@- -@- -@-



PASSING C-A-I Yards  TD Long
Totals… -@- -@- -@- -@-
RUSHING Att Yards  TD Long Avg.
Totals… -@- -@- -@- -@- -@-
RECEPTIONS No. Yards  TD Long Avg.
Totals… -@- -@- -@- -@- -@-